Gromiton Cleric (spiteful_god) wrote,
Gromiton Cleric

All Of Our Endings Are Waiting To Begin

So I blew about $150 dollars on books while I my ship was in port. All of them are about or associated with martial arts. A Guide To Aikido; Ki And The Way Of The Martial Arts; Samurai Martial Arts; Code Of The Samurai; A Guide To True Bushido; and Legends Of Martial Arts. So far I’ve read through Legends Of Martial Arts and reading Ki And The Way Of The Martial Arts, Samurai Martial Arts at the same time.

I have become even more convicted on joining SCA especially since the kingdom I’d be joining has an Asian territory. I want to buy my Komono, Gi, and practice katana in Florida but I would love to get my armor and combat katana hand made. If it takes it I’ll get one from Japan because anything less than one thousand folds is unacceptable. I need to find a good name. I will probably model my fighting style after Miyamoto Musashi using two swords.

If any of you reading this are SCA members, are you allowed to have more than “Character”? And I’m pretty sure that’s not the right term so please correct me on that if you know the right one. I can’t wait for cruise to be over so that I can really get into it. Once this cruise is over then my work schedule will be much more lax. If anyone from Washington or friends of people in Washington is reading this and in SCA pleeeeeease send me a tell at or

Is it so wrong to wish with ever fiber of your being to be a couple of centuries in the past? Any place pretty much will do. Scotland would put me with ancestor clans, Japan would make me a Samurai, and Europe would make me a Knight. I hope that maybe I’ll feel better when I get to be around people the same way.

If any one has good books on martial arts <-any kind of martial arts, or if you know any and want to give lessons <-would love thia kick-boxing, books on Japanese history, speaking Japanese, anything oriental will do just leave the title, author, or a way to contact you for info on classes it would be much appreciated and I don’t forget kind actions. Help me, help you.

In conclusion I would like to say this time SUX. I’ll see you when I get to the future.
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