Gromiton Cleric (spiteful_god) wrote,
Gromiton Cleric

I won't die soon because God is still Punishing me.

So ya let's see how we'll start off my journal. Well hmmm I'm somewhere I don't wanna be and no one else wants to be here either. My life is slowly deteriorating and I have no other choice but shit in my pants and dive in. I try hard not to hurt people and to make my friends happy and they're enemies cry and I get sorrow in return. I regret not my actions but the need for my actions causes me sorrow.

I hate the modern day world because of our dependency on normality and safety. I feel born into a world where we can't excel in life and carve our face into the world and be known as a hero instead of great basketball player that does heroine. I'd like to think I could disagree with someone and have a battle of wits and reaction in a duel instead just being sucker punches because I don't like the fact that he believes himself better than his girlfriend since he's a scumbag that figured out that his weight adds power to his fists. I dream of a time where life now is wiped out and we start over. I'd love to think that we can some day create an empire that is believed to be the torch of the world and that hope resides within it's heroes.

I dream of a time when taking a life was because you fought for beliefs of idealism and not profit. When being a martyr wasn't with a bomb on your chest but a hopeless fight to by time for your fleeing family. I dream of gladiators fighting to the death because anything less is a discredit to the others skill. I am a hopeless dreamer and hope that right now I am in some kind stasis chamber to be woken up from to inherit a gift that can change the world. To fight for survival rather than greed. I wish to respected by my acquaitances, accepted by my peers, embraced by my friends, and loved by family. I wish that my family will not be tainted by a heartless world controlled by heartless mongers desperate for a nickle from the poor man. I hope that you will come with me to paradise because I fear it is the last of it's kind and more than whispering will spread rumor and a spiteful eye to burn it from my heart and fear more that my reaction will be one to condemn my soul and all those avenging it's death.
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