Gromiton Cleric (spiteful_god) wrote,
Gromiton Cleric

A Year Wiser, A Year More Miserable

Yes, this is the best birthday EVER! I'm on a big grey ship that's dirty and smelly, my workspace is right next to the smoke pit so my hallway and office always smell like smoke and the walls are stained and I cough and gag all the time from the constant smoke, and the hallway is ALWAYS FUCKING MUDDY even when I secure to clean so that no one can go through they do it anyways when I'm not there playing hall patrol. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I hate this shit. Let me recount my last birthdays, 15 was told I can't get my permit till I get a job but then told I'm not allowed to get a job till I can drive myself. WHAT THE FUCK YOU CAMPING FAGGOTZ!!!!!!!!!!! 16 can't get my license bc I STILL can't get my permit. 17 said fuck it and drove my friends cars until I learned and took the permit test. I had already graduated and didn't have a fucking license. I started working two jobs and doing crazy shit on my Vespa. 18 my mom cancels my HUGE fucking going away/18th birthday party bc WHY? "You had some crap behind your bed and I told you to clean it" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. I had to call up 43 friends saying I'm not having a party and that I will probably celebrate the day by killing myself...if only I did then you guys would be happier. Have I ever you guys how I want to commit suicide. It's gonna be so awesome. Like Evil Kenival jumping the Grand Canyon. I want to have a M-16 to my head a little noose around the trigger and trigger guard so that when I pull the string it unloads the whole thing. I WILL have a death letter that says CLEAN MY MESS PLEASE. It will have a spatula on top to keep it from blowing away. FIN. Wow that was kinda fucked up. MOVING ON TO THE NEXT SCENE. So ya my 19 birthday I went to a friends and tried to get drunk once AGAIN and was unsuccessful AGAIN. I can't seem to get drunk when I want. Now what am doing for my birthday? Sitting around waiting for the inspection today feeling ill because I had to get my BMR finished yesterday. BMR=Birth Month Review. I have to get my vaccinations redone for the year. It took me two weeks to get it all done. (I think that’s why I was feeling bad during liberty sorry JeNnifer) But hey at least I here with friends... oh wait no I'm not I'm at work with the three people that hate me the most. SOMEBODY SAVE ME! When I go to Washington I'm going to leave Washington and go to Canada with a friend and "forget" the ship but remember my liberty with my special memory powers. I loved my liberty. It was a very different kind of fun. It's hard to describe how non-innocent the innocent fun we had was. Ow my head hurts now. I wish there was a way to describe how utterly perfect being with you was. I'm a bit tanned now on my chest and shoulders. You can really see the yellow in my tattoo now. I love you and I'm now going to imagine I wasn't on the ship and instead on the beach in the water holding you to me again...*breathes deeply and puts his head down*
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